Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers September 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
‘Serpent and Swan’ by artist COBRA
Church painting is map CHART
Cool diversion gets stale OLD
Incompetent sailor between French articles UNABLE
Flames are terribly rife FIRE
Sort of milkman ILK
Left net out as a sign PORTENT
Always allow out a youngster LEVERET
Ready for collection SET
Complain audibly at beverage WINE
Rile about getting cricket team panacea ELIXIR
Neither out of ignorance NOR
Old Italian destroyed manor ROMAN
Mock seat layout, to a point TEASE
Food seen on boxer’s ear CAULIFLOWER
Steal, admitting zero blame ROB
Everything in gallery ALL
Animated a veil badly ALIVE
A number score there, perhaps TWENTYTHREE
Show mode off DEMO
Demand when king ASK
Same level within department PAR
Rodent inside crate RAT
Give no mention about poison VENOM
Need to rearrange garden EDEN
School gets a ten for instrument SAX
A great deal of flotsam LOT
Fireman’s fury IRE