Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers September 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Unusual not to be well done RARE
Man finds limit gets hard CHAP
Reportedly start race for ingredient SAGO
Does translate some poetry ODES
Final implement for cobbler LAST
Claimed work with drugs MEDICAL
One drunk for a long time EON
Put off animal with time DETER
Moral dilemma for food processor MOLAR
Arson involved navigation aid SONAR
Tried working, exhausted TIRED
Meg returned something valuable GEM
Corsairs upset a priest PIRATES
Always in same version EVER
Lots may get mislaid LOST
Voice changed a lot ALTO
Study time of damage DENT
Dread fare changes FEAR
Grooms have space ROOM
Regretted sounding impolite RUED
Dish as ordered by boy SALAD
Produce island broadcast COS
Hand on new piece PAWN
Storms as leg gets broken GALES
Mean to fix end toe DENOTE
Instrument to mend stair SITAR
Youngster of innate energy TEEN
Speaks of old scales ORATES
Drink to a large sum TOTAL
Mile away from linden tree LIME
Drive back to see film about parking REPEL
Woman to try work that’s dishonest DIRTY
Element of victory? GOLD
Book’s self-dedication TOME
Mix in prison STIR
Barrel tax VAT