Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers September 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Time to jump SPRING
Not good at needing money POOR
We’re off to get a jug EWER
Idea of negative charged particle NOTION
Ask hoarsely for a file RASP
Part of ammunition UNIT
Affair of bag CASE
Not even peculiar ODD
Wonder inside drawer AWE
A great many lost out LOTS
Regarded as part of the play, say SEEN
Left atmosphere in burrow LAIR
Pay to get comfortable SETTLE
New mode of building DOME
Secures site badly TIES
Sailor to achieve his aim TARGET
Wines develop strength SINEW
Tear off at speed RATE
Clever person dropped one class GENUS
Creature of superiority PERI
Speaker finds gold by a hill ORATOR
Quick to knock with identification RAPID
Unfortunately sent home NEST
Tablets get intelligent ABLE
Strange desire to live RESIDE
Distribute a toll differently ALLOT
Start playing notes ONSET
Complain at broken table BLEAT
God of the roses EROS
Party animal STAG