Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers September 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Flexible game RUBBER
Doom overturns frame of mind MOOD
Finished six deliveries OVER
Make time to fail FORGET
Willing to upset mage GAME
Ring mate to get a stone OPAL
Flames are terribly rife FIRE
Guided by small light LED
Hippies’ food PIE
Tardy translating tale LATE
Navy bird? WREN
Tear off at speed RATE
Complain at king on river GROUSE
Pleased with relaxation EASE
Another day with some livestock HERD
Hear silent order LISTEN
Mention freer amendment REFER
Shout to bishop on old ship BARK
Reversible blade? ROTOR
Excellent game is played MEGA
Alternatively reach friend by word of mouth ORALLY
Fear movement of adder DREAD
Throw gym student first time PELT
Lied about being lazy IDLE
Wept about queen getting alloy PEWTER
For every church has somewhere to sit PERCH
Messenger finds a new set ANGEL
A shade naive GREEN
Scan a red construction READ
Key to cut out for conduit DUCT