Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers September 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bat makes noise RACKET
Second taxi for blackleg SCAB
Cry when wife has trouble WAIL
Quiet lift gets commendation PRAISE
Most unexcited about ditty TUNE
Help make a wager ABET
Fill a keel with some water LAKE
Payment method for fish COD
Insect of character, say BEE
Flutes around another instrument LUTE
Sense fellow swimmer FEEL
Ingredient in his pudding SPUD
Policeman in his element COPPER
Auction ales off SALE
Most employees have to stop STEM
Terrible to rent out ROTTEN
Drive back to see film about parking REPEL
Crustacean scrabbles around CRAB
The first feeble adjustment TWEAK
Location of spectacle, say SITE
Hold some chicks CLUTCH
Bishop gets loan for mixture BLEND
Inclination to be corrupt BENT
Sailor finds the French skilful ABLE
Deny it’s rubbish REFUSE
Singer has one platform BASIS
Cruel sort of complaint ULCER
Advantage to have right element BORON
Dame mad for cheese EDAM
Tops up hot water SPOT