Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers September 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Girl throws apes legumes CHICKPEAS
Removes bearing after running to us OUSTS
Hid a horse around part of America IDAHO
Turn it east and draw TIE
Catch in one trap NET
Look both ways PEEP
Dialect brings stress ACCENT
Peers out on wilful indulgence SPREE
Pets playing with alien group SEPTET
Terrible title for tsar IVAN
Level with first woman EVE
Brings up the back at school REARS
Join in emergency MERGE
Seen teens, terrible state TENNESSEE
Rush to organise heats HASTE
The affair of the bag CASE
Royal pop star PRINCE
Somehow got a beat to subside ABATE
Puce rooms generate calmness COMPOSURE
Applicant finds prisoner sensitive CONTENDER
Pundit to knock rest off TIPSTER
I have to go after month with European fool DECEIVE
For every boy is individual PERSON
Step over heaps PHASE
Conversed about poetry VERSE
Muse about birds EMUS