Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers September 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Growth at factory PLANT
Dodge organised duel, to a point ELUDE
Bragged about scrap RAG
OK bloke ROGER
Sidestep first woman with a key EVADE
Shade of credibility RED
Pet will act up CAT
Copy found in tapestry APE
Roused about employment USE
Set tea out in the grounds ESTATE
Thus repeatedly mediocre SOSO
Being energetic with something inherited GENE
Supporter of photography? TRIPOD
Graduate has quiet roll BAP
Faced with expert ACE
Juicer contains something cold ICE
Run off to get receptacle URN
Croat turned performer ACTOR
Terribly large and majestic REGAL
Grain of loathing OAT
Creep off to get a pancake CREPE
Games reject quiet types SORTS
Outline is almost exact PRECIS
The French find Virginia hot stuff LAVA
A portal has small stones AGATES
Handle nice surprise TREAT
Surprisingly greet bird EGRET
Shelter from sleet LEE
Bird in smaller nest ERNE
Deity in charge of terror PANIC
Heard boy is star SUN
School to throw out drunkard SOT
Removal includes eggs OVA
Chief rioted unexpectedly EDITOR
Old ordered to rest strains EXERTS
Extent of anger varies RANGE
Terribly pale, small rings PEALS
Reportedly obstruct some states BLOC
Peru turned out to be unsullied PURE
Bed has a layer COAT
More polite with salesman REP