Mirror Quick Crossword Answers April 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Fasteners CLIPS
Conductor’s stick BATON
Stick ROD
Habituate INURE
Ward off AVERT
Information GEN
Beverage TEA
Long fish EEL
Black liquid TAR
Set of rungs LADDER
Pause REST
Vegetable PEA
Exploit USE
Wildebeest GNU
Spoil MAR
Shoe parts SOLES
Female sheep EWE
Had supper? DINED
Bomb-hole CRATER
Cherish LOVE
Principles IDEALS
Located SITED
Military trumpet BUGLE
Plural of is ARE
Canvas shelter TENT
Close NEAR
Margins EDGES
Suitable APT
Consumed ATE
Small deer ROE
Previous day EVE
Fisherman ANGLER
Residences HOUSES
Graphic LURID
Singlets VESTS
Trudge PLOD
Prayer ending AMEN
Amphibian NEWT
Hatchet AXE