Mirror Quick Crossword Answers April 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Package PARCEL
Immense VAST
Eye part IRIS
Spaceship ROCKET
Counterfoil STUB
Bellow ROAR
At what time? WHEN
Fuss ADO
Dandy FOP
Spool REEL
State AVER
Become weary TIRE
Mentally slow OBTUSE
Transmit SEND
Ruminant mammal DEER
Pass by ELAPSE
European capital PARIS
Contest RACE
Liquid measure LITRE
Travel permit VISA
Of the stars ASTRAL
Disapproved of TABOO
On a single occasion ONCE
Lease HIRE
Widely scattered SPARSE
Pungent FETID
Wear away ERODE
Root vegetable SWEDE
Change direction VEER
Unload DUMP