Mirror Quick Crossword Answers August 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Unruly children (5) BRATS
Suave, refined (8) SPED
Cuban dance (5) HOODWINK
Brass neck (10) BURST
Material placed beneath a carpet (8) STEIN
Intend (4) TUBE
Went fast (4) COUNT
Exact opposite (10) ADJECTIVE
Rupture (5) STATIC
Complicated (8) KITTEN
Earthenware beer mug (5) STALL
Writing desk (6) BRATS
Cylinder (4) DEBONAIR
Expensive (4) RUMBA
Recklessly bold person (9) UNDERLAY
Colouring stick (6) MEAN
Burning (5) ANTITHESIS
Part of speech (9) INVOLVED
Fuss (3) BUREAU
Improvised (2,3) DEAR
Electrical interference (6) COUNT
Young cat (6) CRAYON
Play for time (5) AFIRE
Water jug (4) ADO
Fat used in cooking (4) ADLIB