Mirror Quick Crossword Answers August 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Form of motor sport (10) RALLYCROSS
Small falcon (7) ADJUST
Thorny bush with coconut-scented flowers (5) GOD
Speech defect (4) CALM
Having little money (4) DATA
Pitch (3) RIDER
Final result (6) BEFOREHAND
Adapt (6) RESISTS
Deity (3) RAGTRADE
Information (4) REGRETTABLY
Jockey (5) UNARMED
Relating to heat (7) BLITHE
In advance (10) DODGE
Withstands (7) RALLYCROSS
Decoy (4) KESTREL
Snooker ball colour (6) GORSE
Clothing business (3,5) LISP
Swagger (5) POOR
Underhand dealing (11) TAR
Unfortunately (11) UPSHOT
Piece for soloist and orchestra (8) THERMAL
Without weapons (7) LURE
Very happy or cheerful (6) YELLOW
Sidestep (5) STRUT
Sixth Greek letter (4) CONCERTO