Mirror Quick Crossword Answers August 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Soldiers on horseback (7) CAVALRY
Remembrance flower (5) LECTERN
Smoker’s item (7) LEVY
Native American (6) SWING
Sheep’s cry (5) MOURNER
Wound mark (4) COMPETE
Sloping reading desk (7) ABSOLUTELY
Impose and collect a tax (4) ACTUALLY
Playground item (5) REAR
Punctuation mark (6) HOOP
Person at a funeral (7) ACORN
Child’s magazine (5) SNOWDROP
Engage in a contest (7) POOL
Completely (10) POPPY
Really (8) ASHTRAY
Bring up (4) APACHE
Rigid circular band (4) BLEAT
Heroic (4) SCAR
Common viper (5) SWING
Providential (6-4) HYPHEN
Oak tree fruit (5) COMIC
Spring flower (8) COMPETE
Puddle of water (4) EPIC
Heinous (4) ADDER
Mediocre (2-2) HEAVENSENT