Mirror Quick Crossword Answers August 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Cricketer (12) FOYER
Of the sides (7) ONUS
Tennis score (5) EXACT
Take notice of (4) RAVIOLI
Woollen ball attached to a garment (6) SCATTERS
Anteroom (5) SKILL
By far (6) HEADFOR
Burden (4) MENU
Precise (5) BOY
Pasta parcels (7) PANGOLIN
Before noon (12) FLATTER
Disperses (8) WICKETKEEPER
Man’s facial hair (5) LATERAL
Art (5) DEUCE
Go towards (4,3) HEED
List of meals (4) POMPOM
Wealthy (4-6) FOYER
Authorisation (10) EASILY
Young male (3) ANTEMERIDIAN
Dowel (3) SCATTERS
Scaly anteater (8) BEARD
Butter up (7) SKILL
Traffic light colour (5) WELLHEELED
Be of use (5) PERMISSION
Parent’s sister (4) PEG