Mirror Quick Crossword Answers March 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Chamber ROOM
Spellbound RAPT
Bistro CAFE
Beers ALES
Raise LIFT
Irish county DONEGAL
Slippery fish EEL
Wall sticker DECAL
Witchcraft MAGIC
Postpone DELAY
Transport TRAIN
Vegetable PEA
Root crop BEET
Discourteous RUDE
Lively horse ARAB
Natural bent GIFT
Sleigh SLED
Street ROAD
Unwrap OPEN
Cold meal SALAD
Umpire REF
Chime TOLL
Put on record FILED
Track down LOCATE
Shade of brown SEPIA
Greenish-blue TEAL
Delighted ELATED
Scented wood CEDAR
Snatch GRAB
Scrumpy CIDER
Relating to birth NATAL
Stopper PLUG
Gobble up EAT