Mirror Quick Crossword Answers May 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Soft lights LAMPS
Magic formula SPELL
Exploit USE
Dreamer IDLER
Swagger STRUT
In the past AGO
Spasm TIC
Consume EAT
Utter SAY
End of Lent EASTER
Listening organs EARS
Grain OATS
Vocalist SINGER
Golf peg TEE
Born NEE
Vehicle CAR
Decay ROT
Open-mouthed AGAPE
Lair DEN
Navigate STEER
Plant ovules SEEDS
Sparkling wine ASTI
Textile dealer MERCER
Locations SITES
Roofing tile SLATE
Clothes fastener PEG
Greek deity EROS
Titled woman LADY
Make amends ATONE
Perform ACT
Donkey ASS
Small deer ROE
Plural of is ARE
Shopping street ARCADE
Warning devices SIRENS
Gratuities TIPS
Gaelic ERSE
Mimicked APED
Number ONE