Mirror Quick Crossword Answers November 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Young eel ELVER
Work out the answer SOLVE
Behave troublesomely ACTUP
Become aware or conscious of PERCEIVE
Single European currency EURO
Maltreatment ILLUSE
Highly-spiced sausage SALAMI
Cards dealt to a player HAND
Instantly INAFLASH
Dismiss from consideration RULEOUT
Senior member DOYEN
Great pain AGONY
Dwarf planet PLUTO
Afterwards LATER
Strong black coffee ESPRESSO
Flow out slowly OOZE
Wart on the foot VERRUCA
Musical instrument HARPSICHORD
Mind-boggling ASTONISHING
Lent lily DAFFODIL
Fielding position LONGLEG
Rally to a common cause UNITE
So far ASYET