Mirror Quick Crossword Answers October 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hidden observer FLYONTHEWALL
Opposed to AGAINST
Light beer LAGER
Greet enthusiastically HAIL
Cargo thrown overboard JETSAM
Achieve a great deal GOFAR
Room for manoeuvre LEEWAY
Grain husks BRAN
Frequently OFTEN
Collide with RUNINTO
Bumpy skin from cold or fear GOOSEPIMPLES
Type of explosive DYNAMITE
Senseless INANE
Snooker ball colour WHITE
Suffer under oppressive heat SWELTER
Ensign FLAG
Sudden short-lived torrent FLASHFLOOD
Young male BOY
Squeeze tightly into a space JAM
Decorate GARNISH
Maths chart GRAPH
Steady brisk pace TROT