Mirror Quick Crossword Answers October 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Cause to happen BRINGABOUT
Figurine toys DOLLS
Unwelcome plant WEED
Cook in hot water BOIL
Popular beverage TEA
Thin slice of bacon RASHER
Route or direction followed COURSE
And not NOR
Midday NOON
Strong taste TANG
Volley of gunfire SALVO
Inflatable rubber bag BALLOON
Bold exploits ADVENTURES
Sausages BANGERS
Article ITEM
Tactic in industrial conflict GOSLOW
Unilluminated UNLIT
Clumsiness, ungainliness AWKWARDNESS
One who sells houses for clients ESTATEAGENT
Tall thin person BEANPOLE
Water ice SORBET
Irritated RILED
Pronounce indistinctly SLUR