Mirror Quick Crossword Answers October 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Sweetheart DARLING
Release LETGO
Chair SEAT
Strike or hit very hard WALLOP
Trembling poplar ASPEN
In heaven ONHIGH
Wound mark SCAR
Surpass EXCEL
Acutely vigilant or observant ALLEYES
Compulsory military service CONSCRIPTION
Draw near to APPROACH
Scorch SINGE
Luxurious railway coach PULLMAN
Actors in a dramatic production CAST
Sick or ill INDISPOSED
Likeness, or contrast COMPARISON
Cigarette leavings ASH
Damp WET
Undertaking of uncertain outcome LUCKYDIP
Timeless or eternal AGELESS
Native New Zealander MAORI
Slides SLIPS
Pleasantly cold COOL