Mirror Quick Crossword Answers October 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Large newspaper BROADSHEET
Difficult to catch ELUSIVE
Ambition DRIVE
Closed SHUT
Gaelic ERSE
Pitch TAR
Somewhat RATHER
Large blunt needle BODKIN
Journey or excursion TRIP
Kitchen cabinet UNIT
Cake decoration ICING
Fabric type TAFFETA
Carries from one place to another TRANSPORTS
Bunch of flowers BOUQUET
Of the ears OTIC
Doleful DREARY
Small nocturnal mammal HEDGEHOG
Expel from a property EVICT
Cheese on toast? WELSHRABBIT
Damage from ordinary use WEARANDTEAR
Seven-sided figure HEPTAGON
Boarding place for dogs KENNELS
Main circus tent BIGTOP
Winter sportsman SKIER
Way off AFAR