Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers April 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
County town of County Donegal, Republic of Ireland LIFFORD
Stanley —, South Africa-born entertainer known for speaking gobbledegook who died in 2002 UNWIN
J Arthur —, British entrepreneur who co-founded Pinewood Studios RANK
Canadian province whose largest city is Montreal QUEBEC
R —, India Test cricketer who hit 270 against Pakistan at Rawalpindi in 2004 DRAVID
Hirobumi —, former Japanese prime minister assassinated in 1909 ITO
Guy —, 1976 Olympic 110m hurdles gold medallist DRUT
Tristan —, Romania-born French Dadaist author of 1921 stage play The Gas Heart TZARA
Honore —, French painter whose works include 1863’s The Laundress AUMIER
Son of a king of Spain or Portugal, especially one not heir to the throne NFANTE
Large Indo-Malayan evergreen tree with light hard wood OON
Jennifer —, comedienne who married actor Adrian Edmondson in 1985 AUNDERS
Nobleman or governor in India at the time of the Mogul Empire AWAB
Author of playlet The Enchanted Hunters murdered by Humbert Humbert in 1955 Vladimir Nabokov novel Lolita CLAREQUILTY
2011 novel by Monica Ali UNTOLDSTORY
Robert —, Australian ballet dancer who played the Child Catcher in 1968 family film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang HELPMAN
The —, 1982 film drama starring Paul Newman and Charlotte Rampling VERDIC
Council region of South Island, New Zealand, founded by Scottish settlers OTAGO
Board game whose name derives from Latin phrase "I play" LUDO