Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers April 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Plucked musical instrument used in Russian folk music BALALAIKA
2003 action film starring Eric Bana as Bruce Banner HULK
2013 film drama starring Rebecca Hall and Alan Rickman APROMISE
Penelope —, author of 1987 Booker Prize-winning novel Moon Tiger LIVELY
Fielding position between the slips and point in cricket GULLY
American variety of bull terrier historically bred for dog fighting PITBULL
Holy —, diocese of the Pope in the Vatican SEE
Suzanne —, winner of the Wimbledon singles tennis championship from 1919-23 LENGLEN
Unit of length equal to 22 yards CHAIN
Una —, actress who played Rita in BBC TV sitcom Till Death Us Do Part STUBBS
Capital of Haute-Garonne department, France TOULOUSE
The Venerable —, saint who died in 735 AD BEDE
1956 novel by Fred Gipson OLDYELLER
Wind of force 10 on the 1831 Beaufort Wind Force Scale WHOLEGALE
Grover —, president of the US from 1885-89 and 1893-97 CLEVELAND
Victor — , 1980 French Open men’s doubles tennis championship winner with Hank Pfister AMAYA
Town in North Lanarkshire east of Glasgow AIRDRIE
September, 1854 battle in the Crimean War ALMA
Biblical father of King Saul KISH
Plant of the amaranth family whose white root is cultivated for the sucrose it contains SUGARBEET
Philip —, actor who played Gene Hunt in BBC TV series Life on Mars GLENISTER
Female swan PEN
The —, Anton Chekhov stage play first performed in 1896 SEAGULL
Department of SE France whose capital is Grenoble ISERE