Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers April 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
US jazz pianist-singer whose compositions include Honeysuckle Rose and Ain’t Misbehavin’ FATSWALLER
2003 novel by Martina Cole THEKNOW
Parminder —, actress who played Dr Neela Rasgotra in US television series ER NAGRA
Paul —, actor who played the title role in 2015 action-comedy film Ant-Man RUDD
Steffi —, winner of the Australian Open singles tennis championship from 1988-90 and 1994 GRAF
Small Old World songbird such as the Great — or Bearded — TIT
Eurasian plum tree with an edible blue-black oval fruit DAMSON
Gay —, US golfer: 1967 Masters Tournament winner BREWER
The —, 2011 novel by George Pelecanos CUT
The —, 2003 Channel 4 film starring David Morrissey and Michael Sheen DEAL
Diana —, 1994 Best Actress in a Play Tony Award winner for Medea RIGG
— Peninsula, area of land in South Australia between Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent YORKE
Johannes —, painter whose works include 1656’s The Procuress VERMEER
1970 work by Gore Vidal subtitled A Novel in the Form of a Memoir TWOSISTERS
River in N England that flows to the North Sea at South Shields TYNE
The —, 1999 novel by Jake Arnott LONGFIRM
Number represented by VIII in Roman numerals EIGHT
Extinct flying reptile of the late Jurassic period with a long slender head and neck PTERODACTYL
2006 biopic starring Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick FACTORYGIRL
Martin —, actor who played Oliver Pryde in BBC TV sitcom Rings on Their Fingers JARVIS
Scott —, author of novels Personal Injuries and Presumed Innocent TUROW
Small slender European freshwater fish also called an ide ORFE