Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers August 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
2007 film comedy starring Billy Bob Thornton in the title role MRWOODCOCK
Stephen —, British theoretical physicist whose books include The Nature of Space and Time HAWKING
Tapered log around 19 feet long tossed in an event at the Highland Games CABER
2012 novel by John Harvey GOOD
Number represented by X in Roman numerals TEN
Bouncy A A Milne creation first introduced in 1928 volume The House at Pooh Corner TIGGER
2000 comedy-drama film starring Imelda Staunton and Pete Postlethwaite RAT
2000 adventure-comedy film starring Breckin Meyer and Seann William Scott ROAD
Slaver and plantation owner in 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin SIMON
Ernest —, English painter whose works include 1885’s The Bitter Draught of Slavery NORMAND
2006 novel by Dean Koontz BROTHERODD
1996 film comedy starring Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Pullman MRWRONG
1995 novel by Iain Banks WHIT
Drink made from orange flower water and barley or almonds ORGEAT
1988 comedy-drama film starring Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown COCKTAIL
Ancient measure based on the length of the forearm CUBIT
1925 film directed, written by and starring Charles Chaplin THEGOLDRUSH
City in Michigan, US, associated with the furniture manufacturing industry GRANDRAPIDS
Jean-Rodolphe —, 18th-century French architect; designer of the Pont de la Concorde across the River Seine in Paris PERRONET
Bottom-dwelling fish such as the tub — or bluefin — GURNARD
Village in Apulia, Italy; scene of a victory by Hannibal over the Romans in 216 BC CANNAE
— Sea, that part of the Indian Ocean west of the Arafura Sea and north of Australia TIMOR
Piece of music composed for three people TRIO