Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers August 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Jane —, actress who played Calamity Jane in 1948 comedy-Western The Paleface (7) RUSSELL
1983 film comedy directed by and starring Woody Allen (5) ANNA
Paolo —, Florentine painter whose works include The Battle of San Romano, 1432 (7) BIRDY
British unit of measurement equal to one eighth of an ounce (6) MAKING
Ancient region of central Italy between the Rivers Tiber and Arno (7) SWEETPEA
Former Indian copper coin worth one sixteenth of a rupee (4) LELY
1984 film drama starring Matthew Modine in the title role (5) KERR
Small port in NW Somerset on the Bristol Channel coast (7) MARIACHI
See 17 KNOX
John —, actor who played the title role in 1988 film The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (7) NEEL
Anton Chekhov play published in 1897 whose title character is Ivan Petrovich Voynitsky (5,5) ZELIG
Climbing plant of the genus Lathyrus widely cultivated for its butterfly-shaped fragrant flowers (5,3) UCCELLO
Peter —, 17th-century painter whose works include Girl with a Parrot (4) DRACHM
Graham —, TV chef known as The Galloping Gourmet (4) KEITH
Bluish-white metallic element; symbol Zn (4) ETRURIA
Arctic mammal also called a bladdernose seal (6,4) WATCHET
Harry —, 1941 flat race champion jockey nicknamed The Head Waiter (5) NEVILLE
Mexican folk music played by a group of street musicians (8) UNCLEVANYA
John —, theologian who established the Presbyterian Church of Scotland in 1560 (4) DRURY
Louis —, joint recipient with Hannes Alfven of the 1970 Nobel Prize in Physics (4) HOODEDSEAL