Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers December 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
2008 novel by Marian Keyes THISCHARMING
District of Liverpool after which a Premier League football club is named EVERTON
Erik —, French composer of 1917 ballet Parade SATIE
Asian republic; capital Tehran IRAN
Ian —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for The Flight of the Phoenix BANNEN
In Greek mythology, a nymph dwelling in a lake, spring, fountain or river NAIAD
2006 novel by Douglas Coupland JPOD
1976 novel by William Goldman MAGIC
In music, a group of three equal notes played in a time value of two or four TRIPLET
1985 novel by Larry McMurtry LONESOMEDOVE
2004 comedy-drama film starring Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church SIDEWAYS
In mathematics, an angle of less than 90 degrees ACUTE
1980 film drama starring Gary Busey and Jodie Foster CARNY
1997 film drama starring Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins AMISTAD
Small flying insect known to bite GNAT
Folke —, Swedish diplomat and UN Security Council mediator assassinated in 1948 BERNADOTTE
Former French gold coin worth 20 francs NAPOLEON
US city; state capital of Mississippi before Jackson NATCHEZ
One of The Three Musketeers in works by Alexandre Dumas ATHOS
Reddish-brown glandular organ of the body that stores glycogen LIVER
Diluted drink of rum issued to the British Navy whose name derived from the nickname of admiral Edward Vernon GROG