Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers March 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Member of a body of lancers first employed in the Polish army UHLAN
Middle daughter of King Lear in the William Shakespeare play of that name REGAN
European river that flows through Lake Constance RHINE
Ancient language of the Middle East still spoken in Syria and parts of Lebanon ARAMAIC
Joint of the leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur KNEE
Insect of tropical regions of the Old World that travels in swarms stripping vegetation LOCUST
Susan —, author of 1963 novel The Benefactor SONTAG
Battle of —, September, 1862 conflict in the American Civil War also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg ANTIETAM
Racecourse at which the Grand National is run AINTREE
Another name for the European mountain ash ROWAN
Republic in West Africa; capital Porto-Novo BENIN
Paul —, Liberal Democrat MP for North Cornwall from 1992-2005 TYLER
Japanese verse form in 17 syllables HAIKU
Purple or violet transparent variety of quartz used as a gemstone AMETHYST
Peter —, actor who played Paul Ryman in BBC TV sitcom Ever Decreasing Circles EGAN
1925 novel by Virginia Woolf MRSDALLOWAY
Jackie Earle —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Little Children HALEY
Professor James —, arch-enemy of Sherlock Holmes in stories by Arthur Conan Doyle MORIARTY
Progression of chords marking the end of a piece of music CADENCE
Hendrik —, German showjumper; 1984 Dublin Grand Prix winner SNOEK
Robert —, Best Writing, Original Screenplay Oscar winner for Chinatown TOWNE
Hariyanto —, Indonesian badminton player; 1995 IBF World Championship men’s singles title winner ARBI