Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers March 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Kirstie —, co-presenter of Channel 4 television series Location, Location, Location ALLSOPP
Sky god of Egyptian mythology represented as a falcon-headed man HORUS
John H —, WBC Welterweight champion from 1975-76 STRACEY
— IV, pope from 1154-59 born Nicholas Breakspear ADRIAN
Mark —, 1984 and 1988 Olympic individual eventing gold medallist TODD
In surveying, the horizontal angle of a bearing clockwise from a standard direction AZIMUTH
The —, 1941 novel by James Hanley OCEAN
Jeffrey —, US actor who played Tom Manning in 2004 action film Hellboy TAMBOR
Jose —, undisputed World Welterweight boxing champion from 1969-70 NAPOLES
Herring-like large-eyed freshwater fish of eastern North America MOONEYE
1853 opera by Giuseppe Verdi LATRAVIATA
Amanda —, actress who played Kate Curtis in 2009 adventure film 2012 PEET
Paul —, Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar winner for The Story of Louis Pasteur MUNI
Council area of Scotland whose administrative centre is Forfar ANGUS
Author of novels Fruit of the Lemon and Never Far from Nowhere ANDREALEVY
River upon which Rome, Italy, stands TIBER
Capital of Moselle department, France METZ
Meteorological unit of measurement used to calculate cloud cover OKTA
Tropical Asian plant with fleshy leaves cultivated for its large edible rootstock TARO