Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers March 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
London-born actor who played Rawitch in 1942 film comedy To Be or Not to Be LIONELATWILL
Phil —, US talk show host married to actress Marlo Thomas DONAHUE
Spanish wine produced around the Ebro River RIOJA
Fiona —, actress who played Aunt Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter film series SHAW
Peri —, actress who played Roz Doyle in US television sitcom Frasier GILPIN
Onny —, 1973 Australian Open men’s singles tennis championship runner-up PARUN
Stately court dance in triple time popular in the 18th century MINUET
1856 novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe subtitled A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp DRED
Daughter of Polonius in William Shakespeare play Hamlet OPHELIA
Coastal resort of Spain southwest of Malaga TORREMOLINOS
Author of 1982 Whitbread Prize-winning novel Young Shoulders JOHNWAIN
River in Hades in Greek mythology that caused forgetfulness in those who drank from it LETHE
Salma —, actress who played the title role in 2002 biopic Frida HAYEK
Andrea —, US feminist who authored 1990 novel Mercy DWORKIN
Highest adult male voice ALTO
Flowering plant with white or rose-pink flowers also called the cuckooflower LADYSSMOCK
English actress who played Cynthia Slater in 1953 romcom The Moon is Blue DAWNADDAMS
Long-tailed rodent RAT
Weedy plant with edible leaves of the genus Portulaca such as Common — PURSLANE
City in Risaralda, Colombia, associated with the coffee industry PEREIRA
1999 film comedy featuring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon DOGMA
Marine gastropod mollusc such as the Waved — WHELK
William —, protagonist in 1938 Evelyn Waugh novel Scoop BOOT