Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers November 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
2004 novel by David Mitchell shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize CLOUDATLAS
1942 philosophical work by Albert Camus THEMYTH
Zsolt —, WBO Light Heavyweight champion from 2004-09 ERDEI
Son of Telamon; Greek hero of the Trojan War AJAX
1943 novel by Colette GIGI
Long-running ITV sketch show starring Les Dawson SEZ
James J —, US shipyard inspector believed to have originated a popular expression used during World War II KILROY
Small hot-tasting pod of a type of capsicum used for flavouring sauces CHILLI
Widely cultivated tree with a sweet gritty-textured juicy fruit PEAR
Nest in which a hare lives FORM
River of Switzerland that flows through Lake Lucerne and the town of Bremgarten REUSS
Bob —, Australia wing whose final cap was in the 1991 Rugby World Cup Final win over England EGERTON
White ball in snooker or pool CUEBALL
Variety of chalcedony with alternating black and white parallel bands ONYX
Genus of plants with bright showy flowers native to Mexico DAHLIA
1979 non-fiction work by Tom Wolfe THERIGHT
Major mountain system of South America ANDES
1941 novel by Hammond Innes ATTACKALARM
Bob —, 1897-99 World Heavyweight boxing champion FITZSIMMONS
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for Goodfellas JOEPESCI
Husband of Hermione in William Shakespeare play The Winter’s Tale LEONTES
Fromental —, French composer of 1835 opera La Juive HALEVY
First wife of Jacob in the Old Testament LEAH