Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers October 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
In heraldry, a charge in the form of a stylized flower with five leaves CINQUEFOIL
2007 biopic starring Tom Hanks in the title role CHARLIE
Berkshire racecourse that hosts the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes ASCOT
Dark long-necked bird similar to the cormorant SHAG
1998 film drama starring Jessica Lange and Gwyneth Paltrow HUSH
Fifth note of a major scale in tonic sol-fa SOH
Mineral form of sodium chloride also called rock salt HALITE
Jason —, actor who played James Bowie in 2004 action film The Alamo PATRIC
Any one of the 10 black-belt grades of judo proficiency DAN
River forming part of the border between Azerbaijan and Iran ARAS
Capital of Sanaga-Maritime department, Littoral Region, Cameroon EDEA
Small fawn-coloured antelope of African grasslands and bush south of the Sahara ORIBI
Large piece of wood traditionally burnt in the hearth on Christmas Eve YULELOG
Marc —, artist whose works include 1929’s The Woman and the Roses CHAGALL
1994 film drama starring Jodie Foster in the title role NELL
Muscular organ of the female reproductive system UTERUS
1973 novel by George MacDonald Fraser FLASHMAN
Central of the three small bones in the middle ear, also called the anvil INCUS
Solid figure having 20 faces ICOSAHEDRON
City in Pembrokeshire, Wales; the smallest in the United Kingdom STDAVIDS
Tree of tropical India and the East Indies whose aerial roots grow down into the soil BANYAN
Makhaya —, South Africa Test cricketer who took 6-59 against Pakistan at Port Elizabeth in 2007 NTINI
2001 biopic starring Johnny Depp as George Jung BLOW