Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers October 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
2007 film drama starring Jamie Bell in the title role HALLAMFOE
Captain of whaler the Pequod in 1851 Herman Melville novel Moby-Dick AHAB
Bruce —, 1974 and 1978 Individual Eventing World Championship winner DAVIDSON
Lake —, body of water in Russia that drains through the River Neva into the Gulf of Finland LADOGA
Tamsin —, actress who played Fran Katzenjammer in Channel 4 sitcom Black Books GREIG
Dino —, Italian author of 1940 novel The Tartar Steppe BUZZATI
In cricket, the side of the field to the left of a right-handed batsman as he faces the bowler LEG
1991 novel by Stephen King NEEDFUL
Geoff —, rugby union lock; 1974 Wales Test debutant against Ireland WHEEL
Fabric made of silk and wool or cotton and rayon used especially for coats BARATHEA
Ancient plucked stringed instrument whose body is shaped like a halved pear LUTE
Dragon in German mythology that keeps guard over treasure FIREDRAKE
2007 sci-fi film starring Will Smith and Alice Braga IAMLEGEND
Anthony —, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1636-45 VANDIEMEN
Large desert-living African antelope with long twisted horns ADDAX
The —, 1968 Walt Disney film starring Dean Jones and Michele Lee LOVEBUG
Skirt or coat reaching to below the knee or mid-calf MIDI
Woodwind instrument whose mouthpiece has a double reed OBOE
Ruined fishing village on the NW shore of the Sea of Galilee; home of Jesus Christ during the years of his ministry CAPERNAUM
Former municipal borough of Middlesex that became part of the borough of Brent in 1965 WILLESDEN
God of the earth in Babylonian and Assyrian mythology BEL
Cross-bred hunting dog, usually part sighthound LURCHER
Robert —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Written on the Wind STACK
Island in Indonesia; capital Denpasar BALI
European freshwater fish with a slender bluish-green body DACE