Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers October 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
1. Josiah —, 18th-century founder of a pottery manufactory in Stoke SPODE
1986 crime drama film starring Bob Hoskins and Cathy Tyson MONALISA
Textile fabric made from wood pulp RAYON
Largest city and capital of Limburg province, the Netherlands MAASTRICHT
Robert —, actor who played the title role in 1970 comedy-adventure film The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes STEPHENS
Andrew —, actor who played the title role in 1967 sci-fi film Quatermass and the Pit KEIR
Small disc of rubber used in ice hockey PUCK
Tobias —, author of novels The Adventures of Roderick Random and The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle SMOLLETT
Plant of the pea family such as the common — with pink flowers and a tough woody stem RESTHARROW
Method of training a horse to perform manoeuvres in response to the body signals of its rider DRESSAGE
One of the Three Musketeers in works by Alexandre Dumas ATHOS
Charles —, author of novels Glasshouse and Halting State STROSS
2005 action film starring Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike DOOM
1992 comedy-drama film starring Robin Williams and Michael Gambon TOYS
Gabriel —, French composer of 1913 opera Penelope FAURE
Herbert —, British field marshal; Secretary of State for War from 1914-16 KITCHENER
1948 film musical starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire EASTER
2006 film comedy starring Jack Black and Ana de la Reguera NACHO
English Premiership rugby union club; 2016-17 Anglo-Welsh Cup winners LEICESTER
Game for two in which players take turns to remove matches from several rows NIM
Second brightest star in the constellation Perseus, also known as the Demon Star ALGOL
Capital of Tibet LHASA
Paula —, Lisbon-born artist whose works include 1994’s Bride REGO
1990 film comedy starring Griff Rhys Jones in the title role WILT