Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers October 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Junction of the A1 and A66 trunk roads north-east of Richmond, North Yorkshire SCOTCHCORNER
River in Russia; longest in Europe VOLGA
Dick —, 1976 Olympic 5,000m silver medallist for New Zealand QUAX
Colourless odourless flammable gaseous alkane; a byproduct of petroleum refining ETHANE
1996 comedy-drama film starring Tom Cruise in the title role JERRY
Richard —, US photographer whose books include Nothing Personal AVEDON
Tony —, World Middleweight boxing champion from June-September 1948 ZALE
Kornelia —, 1976 Olympic 100m and 200m freestyle swimming gold medallist ENDER
1965 film Western starring John Wayne and Dean Martin THESONS
Liam —, prime minister of the Republic of Ireland from 1973-77 COSGRAVE
Town in Vicenza, Italy east of Lake Garda associated with the wool industry SCHIO
Henry —, actor who played Mr Pugh in ITV sitcom The Worker MCGEE
2013 film drama starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney GRAVITY
Back part of a golf club head where it bends to join the shaft HEEL
In music, a note with the time value of one-sixteenth of a semibreve SEMIQUAVER
Belgian painter whose works include 1890’s The Intrigue JAMESENSOR
Female swan PEN
CGS unit of work or energy ERG
Large snake of tropical America that kills its prey by constriction ANACONDA
Louis —, French actor who played Gaston Lachaille in 1958 film musical Gigi JOURDAN
Gertrude —, author of 1933 book The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas STEIN
Fernand —, French painter whose works include 1921’s Woman with a Cat LEGER
Anne-Marie —, actress who portrayed Julia Lennon in 2009 biopic Nowhere Boy DUFF