Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers October 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
2005 mystery film starring Michael Keaton and Deborah Kara Unger WHITE
City in South Korea housing Yudal Mountain MOKPO
Dome-shaped den constructed by beavers LODGE
The —, 1958 stage play by Brendan Behan HOSTAGE
Long-legged insect also called a daddy-longlegs CRANEFLY
Light slender flexible sword tipped by a button FOIL
Ancient mountaintop fortress overlooking the Dead Sea declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 MASADA
1952 novel by Kurt Vonnegut Jr PLAYER
Arab sailing vessel with one or two masts DHOW
1965 Grand National winner ridden by Tommy Smith JAYTRUMP
Saint and bishop of Carthage martyred in 258 CYPRIAN
Town that served as the port of ancient Rome OSTIA
Nine-headed monster in Greek mythology HYDRA
Medical condition also called decompression sickness or caisson disease THEBENDS
Department of France; capital Beauvais OISE
Early 20th-century fast foxtrot performed to ragtime music PEABODY
Yellow-flowered plant of the legume family sometimes grown for fodder BLACKMEDICK
Marine gastropod mollusc such as the Waved — WHELK
Hero of Corinth in Greek mythology who captured the horse Pegasus and slayed the Chimera BELLEROPHON
Amphibious egg-laying mammal of Australia with a broad tail and webbed feet PLATYPUS
Eighth sign of the zodiac SCORPIO
Fred —, music-hall impresario born Frederick John Westcott in Exeter, Devon in 1866 KARNO
Fifth of the five basic tastes along with bitter, salty, sour and sweet UMAMI
1993 novel by Jill Mansell KISS