Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers September 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Freshwater crustacean resembling a small lobster CRAYFISH
Optical data storage medium readable by a computer CDROM
The —, 1892 two-act ballet with music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky NUTCRACKER
London Underground line coloured black on a Tube map NORTHERN
Soft creamy white cheese similar to Camembert BRIE
Symbol on a computer keyboard also called a number sign and octothorp HASH
1956 film drama that featured Carroll Baker in the title role BABYDOLL
Town in West Bengal, India noted for its black tea DARJEELING
Endangered nomadic species of antelope of Asia with an elongated oversized nose SAIGA
Hard silver-grey metallic element; symbol Ta TANTALUM
Elia —, Best Director Oscar winner for On the Waterfront and Gentleman’s Agreement KAZAN
Chicken originally bred in China noted for the excessive plumage covering its legs COCHIN
William —, 19th-century inventor of a writing system for the blind MOON
Agile hoofed mammal of Africa and Asia such as the rock — or tree — HYRAX
John —, golfer; winner, in December 2007, of the 2008 Alfred Dunhill Championship BICKERTON
Tom —, author of novels Porterhouse Blue and The Throwback SHARPE
Alphonse —, Art Nouveau artist noted for painting series The Slav Epic MUCHA
Louis —, US jazz trumpeter known as Satchmo ARMSTRONG
Chris —, rugby union centre; 1968 Scotland Test debutant against Australia REA
Joseph —, prime minister of Australia from 1931-39 LYONS
Saying attributed to the prophet Muhammad that is not found in the Koran HADITH
2001 film subtitled Once Upon a Time in India; a 2002 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nominee LAGAAN
Middle daughter of King Lear in the William Shakespeare play of that name REGAN
William —, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1633-45 LAUD
City on the Mediterranean under Egyptian administration from 1949 until its occupation by Israel in 1967 GAZA