Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers September 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
1959 romcom starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day PILLOWTALK
Region of Greece in the central Peloponnese; capital Tripoli ARCADIA
— orange, large sweet fruit with a depression enclosing an underdeveloped secondary growth NAVEL
Second son of Judah and Shua in the Old Testament ONAN
White sheep or goat cheese popular in Greece FETA
Resort town in Belgium with medicinal mineral springs SPA
Carnivorous mammal, Eurasian in origin, with a long bushy tail REDFOX
Ancient city in NW Syria ALEPPO
Minor infringement in tennis requiring a point to be replayed LET
Chris —, US golfer; 2014 Deutsche Bank Championship tournament winner KIRK
In weaving, yarn woven across the width of a fabric WEFT
Japanese rich sauce made from soy beans naturally fermented with wheat or barley SHOYU
Peter —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for Topkapi USTINOV
Disturbed 17-year-old in 1973 Peter Shaffer stage play Equus ALANSTRANG
Vance —, US journalist; author of 1957 book The Hidden Persuaders PACKARD
City in central Poland formerly associated with the textile industry LODZ
Region of eastern Ethiopia bordering on Somalia OGADEN
Elongated flexible organ of which a cuttlefish has two TENTACLE
5 and 6 William Shakespeare play featuring characters Costard and Jaquenetta LOVES
1950 film drama starring Bette Davis and Anne Baxter; 1951 Best Picture Oscar winner ALLABOUTEVE
Alison —, 18th-century Scottish poet who authored a version of ballad The Flowers of the Forest COCKBURN
In Germany, one-hundredth of a Deutschmark until the introduction of the euro PFENNIG
Marcel —, French author of heptalogy A la Recherche du Temps Perdu PROUST
One of a class of supernatural creatures in Scandinavian folklore that dwell in caves and mountains TROLL
Portico in ancient Greek architecture STOA