New York Times Crossword Answers April 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
‘Evidently’ SOITSEEMS
‘Hairspray’ matriarch EDNA
‘Here’s what I think,’ briefly IMHO
‘I’ll pass’ NAH
‘Juno’ actress Page ELLEN
‘Pick me! Pick me!’ OHOH
‘Poppycock!’ PAH
‘Rugrats’ father STU
‘___ Eyes’ (Eagles hit) LYIN
1976 blaxploitation film that was a sequel to ‘Dolemite’ THEHUMANTORNADO
365 giorni ANNO
48th vice president PENCE
Act like a baby, maybe WAIL
Aggravates GETSTO
Amigos BUDS
Answer to ‘Are you …?’ IAM
Aquafina rival EVIAN
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s middle name ALOIS
Asked a lot of questions, say PRIED
Assuage SOOTHE
Attends GOES
Austen matchmaker EMMA
Bacchanalia ORGIES
Boor ASS
Boston athlete CELTIC
Breather REST
Brownie, e.g GIRLSCOUT
Casino opening SLOT
Check STEM
Close NEAR
Collides hard with PLOWSINTO
Composer Debussy CLAUDE
Creative field ARTS
Crew crew OARS
Cuts on the back? BSIDES
Decide somehow by chance FLIPACOIN
Detroit-area stadium that hosted Super Bowl XVI SILVERDOME
Disseminate SOW
Down in front? SUB
Dreyer’s ice cream partner EDY
Either of a pair of brothers in folklore GRIMM
Electric bill unit: Abbr KWH
Electrocutes ZAPS
Emails discreetly BCCS
Evince SHOW
Exam with a reading comprehension sect LSAT
Fascinated RAPT
Figure seen on [circled letters below] ROYROGERS
Figure seen on [circled letters below] TONTO
Figure seen on [circled letters below] CISCOKID
Figure seen on [circled letters below] LONERANGER
Figure seen on [circled letters below] DALEEVANS
Figure seen on [circled letters below] ZORRO
French greeting ALLO
Go on a run? SKI
Go postal SNAP
Grayish DRAB
Group lampooned in ‘Django Unchained’ KLAN
Hell week, e.g ORDEAL
Hoedown partner GAL
Homes by churches MANSES
How you can count things up to five ONONEHAND
Hymn starter OGOD
In a foul mood SOUR
Inits. in some portfolios IRA
Inspiration IDEA
Interjected ADDED
Is Greek? IOTAS
Is overcome with emotion, with ‘up’ CHOKES
It has two poles BARMAGNET
It may be brown or blonde ALE
It may leave you in stitches SURGERY
It’s passed down LORE
Job search time, maybe SENIORYEAR
Kind of plane ASTRAL
Lament of the defeated WELOST
Like a goner DOOMED
Like flowers’ stamens MALE
Luxury hotel amenity BATHROBE
Made-for-TV western co-starring Travis Tritt RIODIABLO
Many a B.Y.U. attendee UTAHAN
Many a Wall St. recruit MBA
Mark indelibly ETCH
Marquis’s subordinate EARL
Mass leader PRIEST
Meditation syllables OMS
Meyers of late-night SETH
Modern-day problem solvers TECHS
Moriarty, to Holmes FOE
Most wanted ALIST
Moved, jocularly LOCOMOTED
Native Rwandan HUTU
Needed resupplying RANLOW
Nickname for Angel Stadium, with ‘the’ BIGA
Offers at motorcycle dealerships TESTRIDES
One looking to grab a bite? PREDATOR
Overdo the criticism, say PILEITON
Oz figure, for short WIZ
Part of a set REP
Pea nut? MENDEL
Pester NAG
Pharaoh ___ ANT
Philatelist’s collection STAMPS
Phonograph stat RPM
Place for a bachelorette party SPA
Played out STALE
Poindexter GEEK
Point of transition CUSP
Prayer figure ALLAH
Probable money loser BADBET
Repeated part of a five-mile hike? LONGI
Rich breakfast item BUTTERMILKDONUT
River through ancient Nubia NILE
Rug rat TOT
Santa Fe summer hrs MDT
Satisfies MEETS
Setting off TRIGGERING
Shelter HARBOR
Signal for dinner GONG
Something getting stuck in a trunk? AXHEAD
South American cash crop COCA
Sphinx, in part LION
Sweetly, on a score DOLCE
They might pop up in the morning EGGOS
Third word of many limericks WAS
Tinder, for one APP
TiVo, for one DVR
Top secret? WIG
Tripartite commerce pact NAFTA
Vernacular PATOIS
Visa alternatives AMEXCARDS
Vittles EATS
Vox co-founder Klein and others EZRAS
Wedding rings? PEALS
White-bearded sort GRANPA
Wind this way and that SNAKE
Woodworking tool FRETSAW
[Right in the kisser!] POW
___ king ALA