New York Times Crossword Answers April 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
‘Darn it all!’ RATS
‘Dies ___’ IRAE
‘He’d fly through the air with the greatest of ___’ (old song lyric) EASE
‘See ya’ LATER
‘That so?’ ITIS
‘___ we forget …’ LEST
1970s political cause, for short ERA
Actor Morales ESAI
Admin. aide ASST
Animals rounded up in a roundup STEER
Asian new year TET
Awaken STIR
Babylon, for the ancient Hanging Gardens SITE
Ballpark gates STILES
Ben of ‘Tower Heist’ STILLER
Big celeb … or anagram #2 ALISTER
Big ___ Conference EAST
Blarney Stone land EIRE
Bollywood wraps SARIS
Brightest 1-Down in Aquila ALTAIR
Californie and others ETATS
Certain util. bill TEL
Chasing Moby Dick, say ASEA
Come-on TEASER
Concordes, for short SSTS
Crème de la crème ELITE
Delta deposit SILT
Deserves V.I.P. treatment RATES
Foodie, e.g EATER
Formal ceremonies RITES
Fraidy-cats SISSIES
How tableware is often sold ASASET
It may be thrown from a horse LARIAT
Keisters REARS
Like the invitation line ‘Be there or be square’ TRITE
List-ending abbr ETAL
Matches, as a bet SEES
Meter maid of song RITA
More coarse … or anagram #4 SALTIER
Mozart’s ‘Se vuol ballare,’ for one ARIA
Neck of the woods AREA
Nest eggs for the golden yrs IRAS
One of a pair of map coordinates: Abbr LAT
Pinball game ender TILT
Pink Pearl, for one ERASER
Piquant TART
Practical sort … or anagram #1 of the only seven letters used to make this puzzle REALIST
Predigital film units REELS
Result of poor ventilation STALEAIR
Roger formerly of Fox News AILES
Roger who played a part on ‘Cheers’ REES
See 6-Down TAS
Sells (for) … or anagram #3 RETAILS
Seriously vexes IRES
Sky light STAR
Social reformer Jacob RIIS
Standing still ATREST
Stein filler ALE
Store window sign SALE
Suffix with bachelor ETTE
Suffix with prank or poll STER
Take up or let out ALTER
Tennis great Monica SELES
The black square chunk in front of 55-, 60- and 63-Across, and others ELLS
They come along once in a blue moon RARITIES
Things graded by 7-Down TESTS
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Times when the French go en vacances ETES
U. S. Grant rival RELEE
Very, in music ASSAI
Vogue rival ELLE
Zeno’s home ELEA
Zionist’s homeland ISRAEL
___ Park, Colo ESTES
___ Sea (former fourth-largest lake in the world) ARAL