New York Times Crossword Answers August 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Neighborhood in TV’s "Sanford and Son" WATTS
David had him slain, in the Bible URIAH
City immediately west of Mesa TEMPE
Knocks over AWES
Clear NET
Make unclear, in a way GARBLE
Deep red CLARET
With a clean slate ANEW
Carter of "Ain’t Misbehavin’" NELL
Procedural bully BADCOP
One of the dinosaurs upon which Godzilla is based IGUANODON
Breakfast brand since 1897 GRAPENUTS
Result of a perfect pitch? SALE
Fogg of fiction PHILEAS
Consider a real star IDOLIZE
Scammer’s target SAP
Potential Air Medal recipient ACE
Grp. that frowns upon illegal checks NHL
"___ again?" YET
It had an episode titled "Little Green Men" THEXFILES
It might be worn with short shorts HALTERTOP
2.0 CEE
Music producer Gotti IRV
Long of "Alfie" NIA
___ word INA
"Libert�, ___, fraternit�" (France’s motto) EGALITE
Hang on to RETAIN
Self-titled debut pop album of 1991 ALANIS
"Ain’t gonna happen" NODICE
Pharmacy figure COPAY
___ remember ONETO
Quantity in the dairy aisle DOZEN
Natural depression DALE
Solo, in a way STAG
View from the Piazzale Michelangelo ARNO
Challenges for stylists MOPS
___ F�il (ancient crowning stone) LIA
Rap group whose name comes from a martial arts film WUTANGCLAN
Step up from Triple-A, with "the" BIGS
What many stargazers wonder AREWEALONE
Onetime Mughal capital AGRA
Basis of the Doctor’s adventures on "Doctor Who" TIMETRAVEL
Call heard at Arlington TAPS
What a bouncer might bust up BRAWL
With 48-Across, East Coast vacation spot CAPE
Ship, to its skipper SHE
Common sort PLEB
One of the Nereids IONE
It may be ridden by kids at a carnival SHETLANDPONY
Language in which "seven" is "jet" THAI
Return from a tunnel? ECHO
East or west lead-in DUE
"Great Dictator" player of 1940 CHAPLIN
Film character who says "E.T., stay with me" ELLIOTT
Dragon roll ingredient EEL
Home to Double-A baseball’s SeaWolves ERIE
Orbitz options INNS
Loads of investments? FEES
Natural healer ALOE
See 21-Across COD
Scandal fodder DIRT
Preparatory course? SALAD
Like old records MONO
Wasatch Mountains resort ALTA
Singer of the 1965 hit "Lemon Tree" TRINILOPEZ
Hilarius succeeded him in A.D. 461 LEOI
"First Take" airer ESPN
Doesn’t throw the book at GOESEASYON