New York Times Crossword Answers August 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Dateable one CATCH
Not fancy at all ABHOR
Typical results NORMS
Gudrun’s victim, in Norse myth ATLI
Weight-watchers watch it BELTLINE
Jack’s sobriquet, with "the" RIPPER
"___ From Hawaii" (1973 Elvis concert) ALOHA
Some ancient Cretan statues MINOTAURS
Candle scent popular at Christmas BAYBERRY
Deservingly ONMERIT
Big band singer Vic DAMONE
Fasteners with flat tops TNUTS
Crafts site ETSY
Suffragist Carrie Chapman ___ CATT
Sitcom world ORK
Fruity dessert BANANAPIE
Get along COPE
Greaves, e.g. LEGARMOR
Mass readings EPISTLES
Cozy footwear, for short MOC
Vintage military plane WARBIRD
Reality winners beginning in 2002 IDOLS
That, in France CELA
Breaks things off ENDSIT
Media of exchange MONIES
Superexcited AMPED
Places to cool it? SILLS
Major storm detritus LIMBS
Elite group ATEAM
Arthur ___, inventor of the crossword puzzle WYNNE
"Casablanca" lover ILSA
Chanel rival COTY
Cambridge student, informally CANTAB
Militant sort RAMBO
Scrubbed ABORTED
Mystery writer ___ Jackson Braun LILIAN
Start of a big fight? THRILLA
Champagne is one TOPONYM
One difficult to tie down COMMITMENTPHOBE
Billing units: Abbr. HRS
Dreamer of myth LOTUSEATER
Brand of change-counting machines COINSTAR
TV Gold? ARI
___ New York (upscale department store chain) BARNEYS
Short but not necessarily sweet CURT
Applesauce-topped nosh LATKE
Prestigious research university EMORY
Split WENT
Colorful summer treats ICEPOPS
Turkish pooh-bah AGA
Placated, with "to" MADENICE
Founder of two automobile companies RANSOMOLDS
Some postgraduate study LAW
Ability to learn and adapt neurologically BRAINPLASTICITY
Says without saying IMPLIES
Bad sign ILLOMEN
Muddied ROILED
Antinuke pact topic TESTBAN
Habiliments DRESS
Bully’s reply SAYSME