New York Times Crossword Answers August 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Less than 1%, say SKIM
Order across the border TACO
Sarcastic response IBET
"Holy smokes!" GOSH
Salon stuff MOUSSE
Hype (up) AMP
Sci-fi character nicknamed "Bones" MCCOY
1968 self-titled folk album ARLO
Drawing contest? DUEL
Like records that are easily broken? VINYL
President whose initials were also his dog’s name OBAMA
Long, old yarn ILIAD
Come to ___ TERMS
Nutritional label abbr. CAL
Nemesis of the Clanton gang WYATTEARP
Deity often depicted with blue skin KRISHNA
Santa ___ CLARA
Biker’s invitation HOPON
One working for the lord LIEGE
Patriarch with 12 sons JACOB
___ quarter (refuse mercy) ASKNO
Shellac, e.g. RESIN
What might make up for lost ground? SOD
Also keeps in the know, in a way CCS
Corruption ROT
Skull and Bones collegian ELI
"Cake Boss" channel TLC
One living in the sticks, e.g. NESTER
Modern home of ancient Tripolitania LIBYA
Made field calls? MOOED
Carries on through difficulty COPES
Lucky strike? LODE
Wide-screen format IMAX
Magma conduit VENT
"And so …" ERGO
Not assertive MEEK
Visitor to Rick’s Caf� Am�ricain ILSA
Figures in the 2016 film "Arrival," for short ETS
Works in a salon ART
Tough-to-remove stain STIGMA
Cracked MAD
Basketball brand VOIT
Big report KABOOM
Severe test CRUCIBLE
Gets frosty ICESUP
Concern for the E.P.A. CLEANAIR
Outdoor lighting fixtures? MOTHS
Drawings seen in France’s Rouffignac Cave WOOLLYMAM
Grey Goose competitor SKYY
Striplings LADS
"Love in the Time of ___" (Gabriel Garc�a M�rquez novel) CHOLERA
Shake JAR
Actress Anderson LONI
What putting one’s finger to one’s lips may mean ITSASECRET
Indoor recess APSE
Headline after a market crash STOCKSCOLL
"Walkabout" director Nicolas ROEG
Pleasure-seeking HEDONISTIC
Cell tower feature ANTENNA
___ vivant BON
British title holder EARL
Parris Island grp. USMC
Video game units LIVES
Stuffed garnishes PIMIENTOO
Code broken by rats OMERTA
Waistband sight … or what 20-, 39- and 55-Across each have? BELTLOOP
What red may mean DANGER
"You got it!" YESSIREE
Acquire via blackmail EXTORT
Otherwise called AKA
Spreads, as straw TEDS