New York Times Crossword Answers August 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
It’s a matter of taste PALATE
Number of sides on a loonie ELEVEN
Make a difference to AFFECT
Monopoly token since 2013 CAT
Eight-year presidencies, e.g. ERAS
Kind of cell SOLAR
"Don’t worry about me" IMOKAY
Beginnings GENESES
San Francisco’s ___ Valley NOE
Good name for a personal trainer? JIM
Winter coat ANORAK
Smartphone home screen option APPSTORE
High degree of proof? NTHPOWER
"Darn it!" HECK
Covers for locks HATS
Party animal? PINATA
Not paying attention REMISS
Dance with strong percussion HULA
Behind LATE
Old stars HASBEENS
Who wrote "We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are" ANAISNIN
"Interested in one of my tickets?" WANTTOGO
Enemy captain in 2009’s "Star Trek" film NERO
Pharma supply MEDS
Collection of favorites, of a sort MIXTAPE
Position in Quidditch SEEKER
Relative of a skunk FERRET
"Now see here …" LISTEN
Encroachment INROAD
Things studied by pogonologists BEARDS
Branching-out points NODES
Rumpus TODO
Cause of an explosion IRE
Picking things up? ESP
Word on une bouteille de vin CRU
Double-digit figure? PEACESIGN
See 20-Across JAPAN
Spider producer ALFAROMEO
Lacking dexterity INEPT
Reform? MORPH
Colosseum greeting AVE
National beverage of 10-Across SAKE
Scratch RASP
Apple field TECH
Not thought out RASH
Silent dramatic performance, to Brits PANTO
"You don’t have to tell me twice!" YEAHIKNOW
Bit of Disneyana CEL
Floor STUN
Cult follower? URE
Mace-wielding DC Comics superhero HAWKMAN
Actress Ortiz ANA
Bullet point ITEM
Put away ATE
Unembellished type SANSSERIF
Skip the lines, say ADLIB
On-line jerks? BITES
Draft picks? OXEN
0, for 0 degrees SINE
Toward el sol naciente ESTE
Brisk pace TROT
Title for Queen Isabella: Abbr. SRA
Mushroom added to udon soup ENOKI
Expert on the drums? EARDOCTOR
Third-longest river in Africa NIGER
Get through lines quickly SPEEDREAD
Rumble in the night SNORE
1966 album ranked #2 on Rolling Stone’s "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" PETSOUNDS