New York Times Crossword Answers August 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Cutting remarks BARBS
Golden ___ (elderly sorts) AGERS
Away from the office NOTIN
Long inhaling of a cigarette DRAG
Capital of Iraq BAGHDAD
Took to the post office MAILED
iPhone assistant SIRI
The kid in "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" GREG
Detritus at sea FLOTSAM
Detritus at sea JETSAM
Toronto’s prov. ONT
GPS offering: Abbr. RTE
Palme ___ (top prize at Cannes) DOR
Weight unit for a bridge TON
___-pocus HOCUS
Actor Costner or Spacey KEVIN
Leo : lion :: ___ : ram ARIES
Bit of attire sometimes worn backward CAP
Greek column style IONIC
Object made obsolescent by streaming DVD
Tennis’s Murray ANDY
Not fem. MASC
Comedian Smirnoff YAKOV
Courageous BRAVE
Ritz-Carlton, for one HOTEL
Good "Wheel of Fortune" purchase for the answer PANAMA CANAL ANA
Vehicle for a painter or plumber VAN
"You get what you pay for" and others TRUISMS
Character on a collectible card POKEMON
Wrap around ENFOLD
Le Carr�’s "Tinker ___ Soldier Spy" TAILOR
Tel Aviv’s land: Abbr. ISR
On and on NOEND
Pretentious ARTSY
Labyrinth MAZE
Designer Christian DIOR
Manage COPE
Appropriate APT
Employ USE
Something that might be picked up at the beach TAN
Inn, informally BANDB
"No ___" (menu phrase) MSG
Sight on the coast of Norway FJORD
Ancient Greek marketplace AGORA
It’s roughly 78% nitrogen AIR
Slow, in music LENTO
Put a new price on RETAG
Fury IRE
Animal that frolics in streams OTTER
Feature of the big city BRIGHTLIGHTS
Fawn’s mother DOE
Japanese port city OSAKA
Practical joke show first aired in 1948 CANDIDCAMERA
"I goofed!" MYBAD
Egg cell OVUM
Coq au ___ VIN
Advocate for the 50-and-over crowd AARP
What card dealers deal HANDS
Competed VIED
Reggae relative SKA
"Beloved" author Morrison TONI
Violet variety PANSY
Secret military operation COVERTACTION
Arena, e.g. VENUE
Inquire ASK
A, in Acapulco UNA
Speaker of the last words of 20-, 28- and 44-Across FILMDIRECTOR
A lot of them can be found on a lot AUTOS
Be under the weather AIL
Sacred choral work MOTET
The first one begins "Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked" PSALM
Madhouse ZOO
Double-clicks on, say OPENS
Looks after TENDS
"To ___ is human …" ERR
Like almost every major character on "The Big Bang Theory" NERDY