New York Times Crossword Answers August 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
"The Walking Dead" channel AMC
Japanese drama style NOH
Gout target, often TOE
Cow on milk cartons ELSIE
Get fresh with SASS
Hoppy brew, briefly IPA
Number of times Howard Hughes’s Spruce Goose flew ONCE
"The Merry Widow" composer LEHAR
"Hmm, I don’t know about that" GEE
None too smart LAMEBRAINED
"I, Robot" author ASIMOV
Highest-quality DELUXE
Radiology exam, briefly MRI
Scout’s job, briefly RECON
One with pointy ears and shoes ELF
"___ I Do" (1926 jazz standard) DEED
Completely fall apart GOTOTHEDOGS
Was mentioned, as in conversation CAMEUP
Times to crow DAWNS
Think the world of ESTEEM
Hearing-related AURAL
Garment in a vestry ALB
Certain plural ending IES
Alfred of I.Q. testing BINET
Coke or Pepsi SODA
Transportation to school BUS
Flock loser of rhyme BOPEEP
Come out of one’s cocoon EMERGE
Subdues with a shock TASES
Goal for some H.S. dropouts GED
Primary strategy PLANA
Big name in audio systems BOSE
Holder of the Obama cabinet ERIC
Dipsomaniac SOT
What Rick called Ilsa KID
Word in 12/8/41 headlines WAR
Terminus END
In medias ___ RES
Feeds the kitty ANTES
Immunity ___ ("Survivor" object) IDOL
Trash bag brand GLAD
Dixie bread PONE
Reduce, as anxiety EASE
Where a queen can beat a king CHESSMATCH
Disney’s "___ and the Detectives" EMIL
Mossad’s land: Abbr. ISR
Catch wind of HEAR
Bird on Australia’s coat of arms EMU
Beat by a whisker EDGE
Medium for some sculptures ICE
Big name in DVD rental REDBOX
Soccer’s Messi, informally LEO
Half a sawbuck ABE
Sculpt CARVE
Cheese in moussaka FETA
Midwest university town AMESIOWA
Where an ace can beat a pair DOUBLESTENNIS
Outpouring after a celebrity’s passing, say TRIBUTES
Wine ___ (oenophile, often) SNOB
"Borstal Boy" author BEHAN
Onetime English poet laureate Henry James ___ PYE
School email suffix EDU
Dish often served with home fries OMELET
Texter’s "Yikes!" OMG
Forerunners of smartphones, for short PDAS
___ Xing PED
"Forbidden" fragrance in old ads TABU
California’s ___ River EEL
One taking a bow in Greek art EROS
Where two pair beats three of a kind SOCKDRAWER
Breakfast brand EGGO
Morales of "La Bamba" ESAI
Cockamamie INANE
Pain in the you-know-what PEST
Make rhapsodic SEND
What hands are composed of CARDS