New York Times Crossword Answers December 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Thing whose size is measured in picometers ATOM
Floored WOWED
Country singer Womack LEEANN
What might show participants going neck and neck? KISSCAM
Le ___ (French port) HAVRE
"Mr. Blue Sky" band, for short ELO
This way LIKESO
"Gotcha" IHEYOU
Word implied on Opposite Day NOT
Ultimate degree NTH
Name of five Norwegian kings OLAV
Word with torch or bar TIKI
Ab ___ (from the beginning) INITIO
Genre for Black Sabbath METAL
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Hotel attendant BELLHOP
Proust protagonist SWANN
L.G.B.T. magazine since 1967 THVOCATE
State as fact ALLE
Mosque tower MINARET
Primatologist Goodall JANE
Crash, with "out" ZONK
Pond growth ALGA
Emotional states MOODS
N, seen from the side ZEE
Where I-20, I-65 and I-85 all meet ATLANTA
Some advanced researchers, for short POSTDOCS
Particle named by Faraday ION
Most caloric RIC
Catch NAB
Face-to-face challenges ORALS
Pot holder BONG
1947, for Jackie Robinson ROOKIEAR
Stripling LAD
Depress PUS
Sphere ORB
J.F.K.’s former ___ Terminal TWA
"Je ___" (French words of affection) TAIME
Suffix with novel or Nobel IST
Standout hoopsters NBAMVPS
City planners’ designation ZONE
Undoing END
Leaves a lot on the table? OVERTIPS
Nothing NIL
Chocolate-coated snack stick POCKY
Like some winks SLY
Branch of Islam SHIA
Any of the Ninja Turtles TEEN
"Must’ve been something ___" IATE
The Browns, on a scoreboard CLE
Bad spell HEX
See 102-Down HAT
Vertical landing spots HELORTS
Program saver TIVO
Cured and dried fish SALTCOD
Have as a tenant RENTTO
"Dear Evan ___," Best Musical of 2017 HANSEN
Like florists’ flowers that are already in vases PRECUT
Best-selling Japanese manga series NARUTO
___ Outfitters (retailer) URBAN
Where Javert drowned in "Les Mis�rables" SEINE
With 84-Down, bit of black attire OPERA
Real-time tool for meteorologists LADAR
Isn’t level TILTS
Where one might raise a flap about a reservation? TEPEE
So quiet you can hear ___ drop APIN
Isn’t up to date LAGS
Early 2000s outbreak, for short SARS
Old r�sident at Versailles ROI
"Star Trek" spinoff, to fans TNG
Elevs. HTS
Take ___ on the wild side AWALK
Cartoonist Silverstein SHEL
Before you can say Jack Robinson INNOTIME
Academy Award-winning Marisa TOMEI
Hip-hop’s ___ Kweli TALIB
Crisis connections HOTLINES
Boo-boos OWIES
Brings up EVOKES
"Batman" actress, 1967-68 ETHAKITT
A-list topper MEGASTAR
Nine-time Pro Bowler John ELWAY
Curriculum ___ VITAE
"Traffic" actor, 2000 DONCHLE
Winter Olympics event SLALOM
___-de-France ILE
Sat ___ (GPS, to a Brit) NAV
"Super Mario Bros." actor, 1993 JOHNLUIZAMO
Comic book onomatopoeia ZAP
Irish form of Mary MOIRA
Figure on a foam finger ONE
___ contendere NOLO
School that lent its name to a collar ETON
Like many laundromats COINOP
Seat of Penobscot County BANGOR
"Bride of Frankenstein" actress, 1935 ELSALANCER
Traditional Filipino dish marinated in vinegar and soy sauce PORKADOBO
Turn up ATBAT
Bring into harmony ATTUNE
Yves’s evening SOIR
Like many write-in candidates: Abbr. IND
"Training Day" actor, 2001 DENZELWASGTON
Old C.I.A. foe KGB
Where people get off STOP
Growing art form? BONSAI
"A ___ From St. Nicholas" VISIT
Roadside establishment much seen in the Southwest TACOSTAND
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" actress, 2000 MICHELLEOH
Connive SCHEME
Shaman, e.g. HEALER
When tripled, a "Seinfeld" catchphrase YADA
Eastern European capital KIEV
Simple top TEE
Cell exchanges TEXTS
Deteriorate ROT
"Crash" actor, 2004 RYANPHILLPE
Scottish form of John IAN
Operate USE
Deliverance person SAVIOR
"Frost/Nixon" actor, 2008 OLPLATT
Kidney-related RENAL
Dame modifier NOTRE
Bear claws and such PASTRIES
What eight actors took on for this puzzle? BITPARTS
Written deeply ETCHED
"Mea ___" CULPA
Daughter of Oedipus ANTIGONE
Kama ___ SUTRA
Hermione’s Patronus, in the Harry Potter books OTTER
Lure in Vegas NEONSIGN
Leader wearing the Great Imperial Crown TSAR
10 cc’s and others DOSES