New York Times Crossword Answers December 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Zeus’ wife HERA
Smell ODOR
Dubious sighting in the Himalayas YETI
Prehistoric Southwest culture ANASAZI
Crafty SLY
Pagan religious practice WICCA
Qualified ABLE
Yours ___ (letter sign-off) TRULY
"Se ___ espa�ol" HABLA
Kind of logic in which all values are either true or false BOOLEAN
Prefix with -plasm ENDO
"Back in Black" rock band ACDC
Place for a laptop other than a lap DESK
Flip, as a property RESELL
Diner sandwich, for short BLT
Notions IDEAS
Not quite right AMISS
Li’l ___ of the funnies ABNER
Amours LOVES
In reserve ONICE
Long, narrow parts of bottles NECKS
Good engine sound HUM
___ Mae (Whoopi’s role in "Ghost") ODA
Onetime Russian space station MIR
Opposite of exit ENTER
Obtrusively bright and showy GARISH
Not concentrated, as light DIFFUSE
Researcher’s wear LABCOAT
Televise AIR
Program for addicts REHAB
"___ evil …" SEENO
Gives up, as territory CEDES
Juicy fruit with a pit PLUM
Mystique AURA
Tug sharply YANK
Veers the other way ZAGS
Word after lock or glom ONTO
Unpaid intern, jocularly PEON
Catch sight of ESPY
Not mind one’s own business PRY
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Path left behind by a mower SWATH
Item on a Native American moccasin BEAD
Genesis garden EDEN
Sign after Virgo LIBRA
First word in a fairy tale ONCE
Service organization with a wheel logo ROTARYCLUB
10:1 or 3:2 at a racetrack ODDS
Get up ARISE
Prison unit CELLBLOCK
Where Siberia is ASIA
Connecticut Ivy YALE
Bird of prey’s claw TALON
Domicile with wheels MOBILEHOME
Agatha Christie’s "And Then There Were ___" NONE
No room at the ___ INN
Praising LAUDING
London’s Old ___ VIC
Something a strawberry has on the outside SEED
Neighbor of Jordan SYRIA
Cleans, as a chalkboard ERASES
Christmas trees FIRS
Place where a mother might sing "Rock-a-Bye Baby" CRIB
Action taken by a company in distress PAYFREEZE
Breadth SCOPE
Hawaiian feast LUAU
They bring music to one’s ears … or a hint to 17-, 21-, 33-, 45- and 54-Across HEADPHONES
Big vases URNS
Surmounting ATOP
"Let’s ___ a Deal" MAKE
Always telling people what to do BOSSY
Broadway award TONY