New York Times Crossword Answers December 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Leftovers SCRAPS
Author known for twist endings OHENRY
Pornographic XRATED
Observance that begins in March: Abbr. DST
Teeny, for short ITSY
Lo-cal LITE
Creator of 38-Across LEONARDODAVINCI
First name in Solo flying? HAN
Author Oz AMOS
Eliminating the effects of wear and tear on, as was done to 38-Across RESTORING
Lie on one’s back and not move, maybe PLAYDEAD
38-Across, for one OIL
Met rival from D.C. NAT
Finishes, as a cake ICES
Someone with intelligence? SPY
Do military duty SERVE
Pad sharer ROOMIE
Not with ANTI
"___-haw!" YEE
Make a declaration with a straight face MEANIT
Vampire ___ BAT
7-Down, for one OLDMASTER
Boats propelled by poles PUNTS
Mixer at a party SODA
"M*A*S*H" actor ALANALDA
"Grant" biographer Chernow RON
Gadot of "Justice League" GAL
Word said before "then," oxymoronically NOW
Like a dame or earl TITLED
On pins and needles UNEASY
Blues great Smith BESSIE
Main part of a ship HULL
Superman without a cape KENT
Gallery district in Manhattan SOHO
Former senator Bayh EVAN
Is provided with HAS
Work of ___ (38-Across, e.g.) ART
Sot’s problem DTS
The Renaissance, e.g. ERA
Either of the World Series winners of 2004 and ’05 SOX
Pickle variety DILL
Talk about ad nauseam HARPON
James ___, founder of the auction house that sold 38-Across CHRISTIE
First name in solo flying AMELIA
Gets excited about, e.g. REACTSTO
Dietetic restriction NOSALT
Pot thickener? ANTE
Desires YENS
Mucky mess STY
Basketball tactic PRESS
Jazz Appreciation Mo. APR
Anita of jazz ODAY
Cartoonist Hoff of The New Yorker SYD
Beginning stage EMBRYO
Painter Magritte RENE
Mountain nymph OREAD
Morphine, e.g. OPIATE
Renaissance painting that was sold in November 2017 for a record $450.3 million SALVATORMUNDI
___ retriever GOLDEN
"Nothing ___" (slangy refusal) DOING
First name? ADAM
How some fish are caught INANET
Clunky boat TUB
Actress Turner LANA
"Mazel ___!" TOV
Make a request ASK
Sagacious WISE
Some Shoshonean speakers UTES
Shut down HALTED
100-page stories, say NOVELLAS
Passionate ARDENT
English king who once owned 38-Across CHARLESI
Some may be flying STARTS
College in Westchester County, N.Y. IONA
Colorant DYE