New York Times Crossword Answers December 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
TV debater’s worry GAFFE
Turns away AVERTS
Crumbly cheese similar to feta SIRENE
Women’s college affiliated with Columbia BARNARD
Suffix with psych- OTIC
___-eaten MOTH
"Cabbage" BREAD
Storied gift bearers MAGI
Ice skaters’ jumps AXELS
Image on the middle of a Super Bowl field NFLLOGO
Dehydrated DRIEDOUT
Clothing store department MENS
"You get me?" SEE
Food item sometimes called a "spud puppy" TATERTOT
Square after four NINE
Territory north of Afghanistan, in Risk URAL
Captain America portrayer Evans CHRIS
Past AGO
Biblical possessive THY
$2 for Mediterranean Avenue, in Monopoly RENT
Drug taken in tabs LSD
Jr.’s junior III
Insistence ADAMANCY
Book after Lamentations EZEKIEL
Literary alter ego HYDE
Stop working GOKAPUT
Minnie who played in Major League Baseball in five different decades MINOSO
Winning player in Super Bowl I PACKER
Davis of "Thelma & Louise" GEENA
Preliminary payments ANTES
Gardener’s bagful SEEDS
___ Verde National Park MESA
Boy who owns Buzz Lightyear and Woody ANDY
Food sold in blocks TOFU
Mortgage adjustment, for short REFI
Case study? LAW
Certain chemical weapon GASBOMB
Mars produces billions of them each week MANDMS
The Red Baron, for one AVIATOR
Like income from municipal bonds, usually TAXFREE
Iron compound found in steel FERRITE
Wrinkle, e.g. AGELINE
Island group near Dominica FRENCHANTILLES
Europe’s largest active volcano ETNA
Stop working DIE
Turf SOD
Truth ___ SERUM
Org. concerned with reactions NRC
One with a beard GOAT
Option at many a fast-food restaurant DRIVETHROUGH
___ F�il (Irish coronation stone) LIA
Reddit Q&A session, briefly AMA
Old Swedish coins ORE
Child’s Christmas wish TOY
Producer of horizontal shadows SIDELIGHTING
Rodrigo ___ de Vivar (El Cid) DIAZ
Exclaim CRY
Dance with a percussive effect STOMP
"Family Guy" daughter MEG
Nabokov novel ADA
Optima and Sedona KIAS
Arrive with fanfare … or what the circled squares do? MAKEANENTRANCE
Not strict LENIENT
Unconventional soccer kick TOEPOKE
Does half of a mountaineering expedition ASCENDS
Poured out EFFUSED
Attack from a hiding place WAYLAY