New York Times Crossword Answers December 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Hot" things TAMALES
Not anonymous KNOWN
With 45-Down, effect used by astronomers to measure distance STELLAR
Room in Clue HALL
Barely make (out) EKE
Contemporary of Modernism DECO
With 46-Down, chill out SITBACK
Insured’s filing CLAIM
Everyone’s duty? PERSONALINCOMET
Defense against infestation ANTTRAP
Potential dragon roll ingredient EEL
Extraction target ORE
You may follow in its wake BOAT
Stable figures? MAGI
Unyielding IRON
17th ___ of Oxford, author of Shakespeare’s plays, by some accounts EARL
London area next to Mayfair SOHO
Regarding ASTO
With 43-Down, make peace … or what you must do to complete this puzzle? BURYTHE
See 40-Down HATCHET
Chuck who was part of the Watergate Seven COLSON
See 5-Down PARALL
See 9-Down ANDREL
Great Plains tribe LAKOTA
Order in a rush order TODAY
Take care of SEETO
Tricky situation SPOT
Nonkosher deli orders BLTS
Act out MIME
Fall apart in competition TANK
Discards SHEDS
Calculating sorts, in brief CPAS
Slews ATON
Many-time film co-star of Shatner and Nimoy TAKEI
2,800-mile river to the Laptev Sea LENA
Hand on a hacienda MANO
Chosen few ELECT
Given to pretension ARTY
Got plenty of healthful food ATEWELL
Some wind blowers OBOISTS
Model company? LIONEL
Store with magazines ARMORY
Tiny fey sort ELF
Involuntary test subjects LABMICE
Refusal in Inverness NAE
Ocular affliction STYE
Hero architect in "The Fountainhead" ROARK
Ones easily taken SAPS
Bad candidate for gymnastics OAF
In history AGO
It had more than 10 million subscribers in the 1990s AOL
Knotty growth BURL
Anniversary gift between pottery and steel TIN
___ Tzu (dog) SHIH
Get comfy on a sofa or bed, say CURLUP
Like some avant-garde music ATONAL
It’s well-rounded ORB
Image in the night sky over Gotham BAT
___ Balls (snack items) SNO
Second City train inits. CTA
Very basic things LYES
Wrapped up in court? ROBED
Pretended MOCK
Part of a flight STEP
Grace’s last name on "Will & Grace" ADLER
Comment section disclaimer IMHO
Quite OHSO
Coffeehouse selection LATTE
Gather MEET
Swamp dweller NEWT
Antiseptic brand since 1889 LYSOL
Diminutive Italian suffix ETTA